Recharge Your Life

 Your EoN Club membership is a renewal of your vows to your family and self to live life to the fullest. It is a commitment to rediscover the warmth of togetherness. It is a magic wand to recharge your life. Life is busy. It is hard. No matter how hard you strive you cannot make enough time – for your near and dear ones, friends, or even yourself! And unfortunately, even after working this hard the compensation never seems to be commensurate. Add to that the ever increasing cost of living. Eventually your life becomes a monotonous drudgery where you crave to have a break. You crave for a holiday. You crave for some family time. And that’s what you are going to have with your EoN Club membership. An EoN Club membership means acquiring holidays for one week a year for 25 years. In other words, your one time membership fee makes you immune from inflation or pricey room rates. This also guarantees that much deserved break – a great family holiday – for one week every year. In fact, when you use this membership consistently, you redeem the fees in about five years. In other words, with us you get to enjoy almost 20 years of holidays for free! And the value of the quality time spent together with your family is as you already know, priceless. Own an EoN Club vacation ownership, and recharge your life.