Srinagar: The Paradise Of India And The Places To Visit

Srinagar is one of the most famous summer hill stations for the people of India. It is a place of eternal beauty and utmost serenity. The natural beauty of this place is breathtaking and nobody can be spared from the magic that it creates on the heart and mind of the person. Srinagar is referred to as the “City of Lakes and Gardens” or “Switzerland of India” which is well suited for a chilly getaway from one’s hectic life and mundane routine. However, the civil unrest is the only reason the tourism gets affected, otherwise there is no other reason to not to visit Srinagar.


The city carries forward the old legacy of the Shikara Ride or a houseboat stay for which this particular location and lake is pretty much famous. It is the top most features for the honeymooners. One can explore the historical structures and natural escapades of the city while sitting in a houseboat or a shikara which in itself is the cherry on the cake.


Wular Lake is an extremely famous destination of Srinagar which is fed by river Sutlej; it is also one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia which leaves the tourists spellbound. The lake has best of natures views around which can be witnessed by boating.


A picturesque valley located 15 kms from Pahalgam, Anantnaag District. The location is perfect for a family picnic, a romantic getaway and for camping as well. Shooting trees and the exceptional greenery makes the valley an “it” spot.


The name Dachigam stands for 10 hamlets which fall under its wide area. It is a perfect sojourn to explore the conserved wildlife in the Kashmir Valley


Aru valley, in the Anantnaag district of Kashmir, 100 kms from the city is one of the best spots for adventure lovers and acts as the starting points to Kolahoi Glacier and Sonamarg Trek. The snow capped mountains and the pine trees standing tall make it an irresistible destination.

Srinagar, therefore, is the paradise for the tourists worldwide. Be it solo travellers, family or friends, the paradise has a chunk of entertainment for everyone.

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