In a land far, far away…

The smile with which we greet in our offices is not always authentic. The weekend parties we attend become an obligation after one point. Nobody wishes to live a monotonous life, but the hectic work schedule and lack of personal as well as family time ultimately lead to one. The advent of technological revolution, after which life was supposed to be easier with work done in a single click, backfired so much that we ended up being the slaves of our mobile phones and our laptops, unable to spare a moment for our loved ones, our family. It is considered one of the greatest ironies that we earn for our loved ones, but in a rat race to earn that money, we often forget to display our affection to them which is the first rule of keeping a relationship alive and healthy. It isn’t our fault that we are unable to spend quality time with our family members, be it a three – day weekend or a long vacation, because we eventually become so much accustomed to the work environment, those projects and their deadlines that we can’t help it but indulge in those same activities even when we are not supposed to.

Another factor of this ‘self-obligation’ is the fact that we don’t find something new to do in the same old place we have been living in for so many years. The city we live in means nothing but a place where our office and our home is located. At times, it is necessary to ‘escape’ from the dullness of our regular lives, and visit a place we have never been to, far from the monotony which restrains us from relishing new experiences.
This is where travelling comes into play. To travel after tiring months of working is like the first drop of rain after the scorching days of summer. The renowned 20th Century American Novelist Jack Kerouac has aptly said –
“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.”

Travelling steals your worries and gives you the wings of a free man – who has been longing to fly for years but never had the opportunity to. Visiting a new city, a new place with your family gives you the opportunity to create memories with them, something which you will cherish in future. The refreshing breeze of the ocean, the scenic beauty of the hills will mesmerize you, providing you with the absolute peace of mind which is one of the rarest things in this fast pacing world.
Eon Club gives you the opportunity to create such memories with its different, yet affordable membership plans that are bound to make you feel special. The luxury we provide, the customer assistance we give remains unparalleled. The long menu of various destinations is definitely going to take your breath away. So why not take a break, and visit a land far, far away?

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