EoN Club Membership

Recharge Your Life
Your EoN Club membership is a renewal of your vows to your family and self to live life to the fullest. It is a commitment to rediscover the warmth of togetherness. It is a magic wand to recharge your life.
Holidaying Redefined
When you buy accommodation for one week every year for 25 years with EoN Club you secure a dream vacation at full service resorts in India and abroad in a ‘room size’ of your choice.
Recharge Your Life
Since 1996 Tybros Group has been devising customised tour and travel solutions across India and the world for its patrons in the corporate sector. Over the years we have moved over 200,000 discerning travellers!

EoN Club Membership

At EoN Club membership we offer you three types of apartment – Studio and One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Apartment. What suits you best depends on a few simple yet important factors like the size of your family, how many people usually accompany you on your vacations and your desired level of privacy.


Essence of Nature (EoN Club, Uttarakhand)

Essence of Nature is one of India’s finest natural wellness based boutique resorts that has earned the sobriquet of The Capital of Rejuvenation from its discerning patrons.

At your every trip to EON CLUB, Uttarakhand, unparalleled luxury will pamper you while you soak in holistic wellness, naturally. Feel pure, natural, bliss during your holidays; away from the all-pervasive pollution and din and bustle. Enjoy the majestic Himalayas right from the comfort of your bed.
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